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Our mission is to transform the landscape of the gaming industry for developers.

Digital asset marketplace

Secure wallet technology

Cross-game interoperability

Sustainable value creation


Benefits for game developers

Digital asset marketplace

Enhance your games' playing experience by offering access to a diverse marketplace of digital assets, enabling players to customize and personalize their gaming adventures.

Sustainable value creation

Allow gamers to resell or trade in their used games and participate in every resell.

Secure wallet technology

Our ultra-secure and easy-to-use wallet technology allows players to make in-game transactions with confidence, fostering a seamless and enjoyable payment experience.

Cross-game interoperability

Encourage player engagement and retention by enabling cross-game interoperability, allowing users to collect and carry their progress and achievements across multiple games on our platform.

Expanded reach

Connecting your game to our platform lets you tap into our vast user base and, optionally, benefit from our marketing know-how and publishing program.

Expert support

Benefit from our team of gaming experts who are dedicated to helping you optimize your games for success on our portal.

Pitch Deck Guidelines

Begin with a concise and engaging headline that captures the essence of your pitch. Provide a brief overview of your project and its significance. Clearly state why you are reaching out and what you hope to achieve.

Playable PC Build

Present a build that conveys the essence of what you’re trying to make in a good way. Explain the essence of your project in a way that is understandable to outsiders. Encourage the inclusion of specific elements that effectively convey your intended experience.

Development Budget

Present a detailed breakdown of your development-related costs for one PC build in USD. Calculate the burn rate multiplied by the remaining months of development to provide an accurate estimate. No need to specify marketing or PR expenses nor include external QA, localisation, voice over, etc.


Create a comprehensive deck that provides critical information about your team, project motivations, estimated completion timeline, and a high-level description of your project. Highlight the unique aspects of your project that make it compelling and marketable.

Supporting Materials

We encourage the inclusion of various supporting materials, such as GIFs, videos, a game design document (GDD), concept art, or story documents.

Developer Support FAQs

Everything you need to know about our developer support program.
What is the YOURE.Games portal?
The YOURE Games Portal emerges as the ultimate gamer destination. Here, players can effortlessly discover and purchase their favorite games, dive into gameplay while securely storing achievements in an account, seamlessly transfer in-game items across different titles, and even share them with fellow players. A meta-layer extending across all games unlocks a realm of rewards for players, promoting vibrant community engagement and steering game performance.
What is YOURE.ID?
YOURE.ID introduces a unified Single Sign-On solution, streamlining user access across the YOURE ecosystem's diverse range of games. It also offers robust storage for digital assets and items, doubling as a secure payment mechanism, providing developers with an integrated tool to enhance user experience and streamline transactions.
What is Tokenized Game Ownership (TGO)?
Tokenized Game Ownership introduces flexibility and revenue streams by allowing game or item ownership to be resold to an unlimited number of users. Publishers and developers earn with every transaction when ownership changes. TGO extends the life cycle of a game or item and co-exists with digital stores.
Can I sign up even if I'm currently not interested in Blockchain?
Yes, you can still sign up with YOURE. The Portal offers additional advantages and individual treats to enhance your game, even if it doesn't have blockchain-related content.
Why should I choose YOURE over other portals like Steam or Epic?
You are free to sign up with other portals. YOURE offers multiple ways of collaboration. We provide a simple distribution agreement, along with various services such as analytics, business intelligence, strategy and monetization consultancy, producing, paid marketing, channel distribution, and CRM.
Does YOURE provide funding for my game?
Yes, we do provide funding for selected games, which can be combined with the full publishing/profit share model.
What sets YOURE Portal apart from other portals?
YOURE offers a marketplace, a wide range of services, and individual consultancy. We can potentially manage the DRM of your game and assist you in managing and scaling its success while you maintain control and independence. Our team of experts can help analyze KPIs, improve conversions, plan upcoming content updates and features, and actively promote your game through paid marketing campaigns or free advertising campaigns, depending on our agreement.
What options are available when signing up with YOURE?
We offer three different pillars: Platform distribution (with a store fee), Partner distribution (based on revenue share), and full publishing (based on profit share). All options are customizable to suit the specific needs of each partner.
What platforms are supported by the YOURE Platform?
Currently, we support Desktop, Browser, and Mobile platforms.
What does the integration process look like?
To start, you will need to integrate our Single Sign-On (SSO) system. Further integration steps and requirements will be communicated and discussed during the onboarding process.
Where can I find the API documentation?
To get access to our API documentation, get in touch with our team under
What do I need to provide to YOURE to receive funding?
To receive funding, you need to create a comprehensive pitch package including a playable build, a budget breakdown, and a project pitch deck. The playable build should showcase the core features of your project, the budget breakdown should outline all development-related costs, and the project deck should effectively communicate vital information about your team, project purpose, estimated timeline, and unique selling points. If available, please also provide existing KPIs.

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