Step into the uproarious world of Movie Mayhem

A one-of-a-kind blockchain-powered collectible card and auto battler game that marries cinema and comedy in a strategic showdown. Set in a hyper-exaggerated movie-making universe, this game transports you to the heart of the film industry, where you'll not only craft movies but also engage in intense competitive gameplay.


Cinematic Strategy

Combine your love for movies with tactical prowess as you strategize your way to victory. Craft the perfect cast, storyline, and special effects to outshine your opponents.


Collectible Card Mechanics

Assemble a deck of cards that represent movie elements, each with unique attributes and effects. Harness their powers to create awe-inspiring scenes and reel in the audience's favor.


Auto Battler Dynamics

Dive into fast-paced auto battler battles where your strategic decisions come to life. Watch as your movie unfolds on-screen and clashes with rival creations, keeping you on the edge of your seat.


Competitive Showdowns

Step onto the stage and compete against fellow filmmakers in a fierce race to create the most captivating fictional movies on the fly. Keep an eye on your opponents, predict their next moves, and maneuver your way to the top.

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